✨ Hi, I’m Alysa Gumto, a Social Media Manager, Speaker, & Podcaster ✨

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Thank you so much for stumbling upon my website; it's nice to meet you!

I have been a Social Media Manager since January 2019. I have always enjoyed being creative. As a child, I attended weekly craft classes at Michaels Art Supplies store and scrapbooked before Instagram took off. My love for social media started back in middle school when you could find me creeping on people's Facebook pages.

As a Social Media Manager with 5+ years of experience, I love nothing more than strategy development, content creation, and customer retention to drive the bottom line.

Additionally, I love conducting in-depth analyses using social media insights to identify critical trends and refine tactics weekly and monthly.

As a natural high performer, I am unafraid to go above and beyond to accomplish any task.

When I am not working, I am hanging out with my Golden Retriever Truly and recording podcast episodes for my Telling It Like It Is with Alysa Podcast.

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Recommendations and Reviews From Previous Colleagues

I host the Telling It Like It Is with Alysa Podcast.

Each Tuesday, I will address the elephant in the room by telling it like it is, regardless of whether you're ready for it. From the latest trends on social media to candid interviews with some of my favorite people to navigating life as a high-achieving female in my twenties, I will bring a refreshingly honest perspective to every episode. With a healthy dose of humor and authenticity, I will have you laughing, thinking, and maybe even questioning everything you thought you knew.